What’s happening now!

Start the new year off right with a visit this weekend to the Hamptons!

The Arts are alive on the East End.  Come experience them all month in March as THAWFest 2020 returns!  The Hamptons Arts Network is bringing you fantastic Arts, Film, Garden, Sculpture and performances all month long.  Here is the complete schedule.

Looking forward, plan to spend some time out East in May as we celebrate Rose’ all May!  Look for Rose’ events and celebrations all month.  The whole schedule will be posted right here.

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It’s going to be a beautiful weekend AGAIN so come out and enjoy the beauty, history and family fun in the Hamptons!  Of course you may want to go fishing, head to one of our wildlife refuges or take a yoga class at one of our world class yoga studios….but don’t forget to enjoy a nice meal and one of our fantastic restaurants. Need any more ideas?  Look at the Hamlets page and click over to any hamlet you want to visit.

Let us help you keep track of all of the best events by signing up for our newsletter or joining our Facebook community.  You can also bookmark the Hamptons calendar we keep with 27east.com .  You’ll never miss a great event again.  Come, discover the Hamptons for the first time or again and again.  Our beaches are open 365 beautiful days a year.